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Chloe and Jenette's FAQ

Welcome to Chloe and Jenette's FAQ section! Here are the answers to most of the questions people aske about this page. Is there a question you want to know the answer to not listed here? Then email it to me! The music playing is an Irish folk song called " Fanny Power". So without further ado, here's the FAQ!

Q:Aren't Chloe and Jenette a little yooun to be donating blood? I thought you had to be at least 18, so even Carolyn isn't old enough!
A:Well, yes, you do have to be 18 to donate blood. Some places will take people under 18's blood anyway, as long as they have parental consent. So, let's just say that Chloe and Jenette have parental consent.

Q:Chloe and Jenette just live across the street from eachother, why can't they just visit their families whenever they feel like it?
A: When they decided to switch some kind if custody agreement that prevented them from doing that was decided in court.

Q:How were Chloe and Jenette switched in the first place?
A:Probably just some nurse was at her first day of work at the hospital, both of them started crying at once, she picked both of them up and then set them down in the wrong bassinet. I might make a little prologue about it.

Q:If they hadn't switched would Chloe be mean and snobby and Jenette be nice?
A:Yes, that's probably what would have happened. I guess I'm for nurture, not nature.

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