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Chloe studied her new room carefully. She had finished unpacking already, but it seemed empty with only her belongings in it. She missed Lily's stuffed animals on the floor, Carolyn's college brochures strewn everywhere, and the overall clutter that made their room uniquely theirs. Now, Jenette was there and it was hard for her to get used too.

"Chloe's room." She said, trying the sound out. She disliked it. It had always been "the girl's room" at home, and she disliked her new solitude.

"Chloe's room. Chloe's room. Chloe's room. Chloe's room." she repeated it over and over again, hating it more each time. She was near tears when she remembered the letter Carolyn had handed her as she left earlier. "Open it when you first start to miss us." She had said. Chloe pulled it out of her pocket. She carefully opened it and unfolded the paper. Some pictures of home fell out. She walked over to her bulletin board and carefully tacked them up. Then she returned to her desk and read the letter.

Hey Chloe!
You haven't even
gone and we
miss you already.
You may not be
biologically related to
us at all, but we
know you are ours,
and you always will
be. Please be polite to
the McSilverses. We
know this must be
very hard for you,
but don't let that
get in thye way of
your manners. You'll
only end up embarassing
yourself, like Jenette has.
Remember, we love you still
and we always will.


Mom, Dad,
Carolyn, Nicholas,
Lily, John & Ella

Chloe folded up the letter and tucked it in between the pages of her journal. Fighting back tears, she tried again.

"Chloe's room." this time though, she laughed, and she smiled.

"Chloe's Room."


Meanwhile, Jenette was not adjusting to her new life so easily. After she finally let Carolyn and Lily into their room, she refused to move. She slept a little, then woke and cried some more. Mrs.Jones came to get her for dinner. She wouldn't come. Mr.Jones had to come and carry her to the table. Still, she wouldn't eat.

"No." she said, gazing defiantly into her mother's eyes.

"Please?" begged Mrs.Jones.


"Pretty please?" asked Carolyn.


"Pretty please with sugar on top?" pleaded Lily, giving Jenette her best puppy dog eyes.


"Pwetty, pwetty pwetty, pwease?" John cried.


"Come on Jenette, this isn't helping anyone."reasoned Nicholas.


Ella must have sensed the tension in the air, because she began to cry.

"Now look what you did! You made Ella cry!" Carolyn yelled angrily. She picked Ella up, and began trying to soothe her.

"Jenette, if you don't eat right now and drop your attitude I will forbid you to go to any parties you are asked to!" ordered Mr.Jones.

Jenette blew up. "Why would I want to go to a party? I can't dye my hair, I can't straighten it either, I can't use contacts, I can't use make-up, I can't even shave my legs 'til I'm practically Carolyn's age! Who would even INVITE me to a party?" Jenette was practilly hysterical. Each word she spoke her face got redder and redder, and her voice got higher and higher.

"Enough! That is ENOUGH from you yound lady! GO TO YOUR ROOM THIS INSTANT!" Mr.Jones bellowed. He hardly ever raised his voice, but when he did he meant business.

Jenette stood up, knocking over her chair, and ran sobbing up the stairs.

Ella started crying harder. The rest of the family just sat thier in a stunned silence.

****************************************************************************** Okay, that was chapter four. I hope you liked it. Please, don't steal this story in anyway. It's illegal. It would also hurt my feelings. Thanks!


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