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"Aughhhh!"shrieked Jenette. Then she passed out. Everyone looked pale.

"Here you go dear" said Dr.Zee. She gently shook Jenette and handed her a glass of water.

Jenette took it wordlessly. Her faint had only lasted a couple of seconds but she still felt sick. She was numb all over and looking a little green. She felt a little better when Dr.Zee handed her some smelling salts and her mother splashed her face with cold water.

"I'm going to leave you all alone right now so you can decide what to do. You're leaving in two hours though, so don't take too long." said Dr.Zee. Then she left.

For a moment thier was a stunned silence.

"You mean, SHE'S my sissy?"asked Lily looking at the pale Jenette. When she realized the answer was yes she burst into tears and threw herself at Chloe. "No! No!NOOOO! Chloe's my sissy. Chloe! I want Chloe! CHLOEEEEEEE!"she sobbed hysterically. Even Jenette looked a little touched by this display of affection.

"Shhh...It's Okay. I'm not going anywhere." lied Chloe. She had read a story about to babies who had been switched at birth once before. She knew they were going to have to switch back. And she also knew the press was going to find out. And they were going to get pretty famous pretty fast. Unfortunately, that's not all they were in for.


It was one week later. And it was the day Chloe and Jenette were going to switch back to their biological families. Because the two families only lived accross the street from eachother no U-Hauls would be necessary. Actually, no one who wasn't a Jones or a McSilvers should have been there. But try to tell the media that.

"Exuse me, who are you?" asked a reporter shoving a microphone in Chloe's face. Chloe was so startled she dropped the box she was carrying.

"I'm Chloe Jo- I mean McSilvers" she replied.

"Are you one of the switched girls?"


"Larry! Get the camera over here, I got one of the girls!" She yelled. A middle-aged man with a doughnut in his hand rolled a camera over to them. "Action." He said, then he bit into his doughnut.

The reporter turned towards the camera. "I'm here with Chloe McSilvers, who untill just one week ago was known as Chloe Jones. Last week she found out she was switched at birth with her nieghbor, now Jenette Jones. Chloe, how does it feel to find out that the family you've lived with all your life isn't related to you in the least?"

"Well...umm...shocking" she stammered.

"There you have it folks," said the reporter "and remember, you heard it here first."

"Cut" said Larry. He took another bite of his doughnut and walked off, wheeling the camera behind him.

"Thanks sweetie," cooed the reporter, "you were a doll. Now, where's your friend?"

Realizing that by "friend" she meant Jenette Chloe answered "She locked herself inthe bathroom about an hour ago, and hasn't come out since."

"Oh dear, too bad. I'll just find someone else to interview." She walked away.

Chloe picked up her box and continued walking, a bit dazed. Another reporter stopped her.

"Are you one of the switched girls?" He asked.


"Yes she is, but she's not taking interviews right now." interrupted Carolyn as she gently steered Chloe away from him.

"Thanks" Chloe said.

"No problem. They've been driving all of us crazy. Dad, my dad I mean, is about to throw one of his fits. Anyway, I gotta go help Lily. She really wants to carry some stuff, but it's all way to heavy for her." Carolyn left. Chloe continued walking.


Four hours later the job was done. There was still some unpacking to be done though. Jenette had been persuaded to leave the bathroom only to lock herself into her new bedroom. It would have been fine in her old bedroom, but she shared this one with Carolyn and Lily. Both of whom wanted in.

"Please let us in Jenette." said Carolyn patiently. She banged on the door a little for emphasis.

"Let me in! Let me in!" yelled Lily.

"No!" yelled Jenette from behind the closed door.


"NO! NO! NO!"

"Jenette, you're autographed Leonardo DiCaprio poster is out here. If you don't want it to turn into lining for Hammy's cage you better let us in!" Hammy was their hamster.

"You wouldn't! I waited in line for SEVEN HOURS to get that!"

"Try me"

The door swung open.

"Fine then!" sobbed Jenette. She threw herself onto her bed and cried herself to sleep.


Thanks for reading Chloe and Jenette. Please don't steal any of this story, all of it is copy right by me, exept for U-Hauls and Leonardo DiCaprio. Thanks!


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